Nick Zink, CIANick Zink

Nick is our full time flight instructor and owner of Central Illinois Aviation.  He is a graduate of Western Michigan University with bachelor’s degrees in Aviation Flight Science and Aviation Business Administration.  He holds a Commercial Pilot certificate for Single Engine Land, Multi Engine Land and he is a Gold Seal CFI and CFI-I.  He has been flying for over 13 years and actively instructing for 9 years with over 4,000 hours of instruction.

Anthony Specht

Anthony trained at the University of Illinois Institute of aviation where he earned his Single Engine and Multi Engine Commercial Pilot Certificates along with earning a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. Anthony has worked in many facets of the aviation industry with experience in maintenance and aircraft refurbishment. Instructing part time just wasn’t enough for Anthony and he sought out additional training from Central Illinois Aviation for an Instrument Instructor Rating. Since earning his CFI-I, Anthony joined Central Illinois Aviation as a full-time flight instructor in early 2018. With over 1000 hours of ground and flight instruction, he is ready to help make all your aviation dreams come true.