Instrument Rating

Aerial photographyWant to fly in the clouds?  An instrument rating will give you the privilege to do just that.  Earning your instrument rating is one of the best ways to allow you to get more use out of your private pilot certificate.  It will give you the ability to fly on those days where the clouds are low, or the haze has rolled in.

The instrument rating will ultimately make you a much safer pilot, giving you the skills to fly in the weather that grounds many pilots.  Besides, nothing beats the view of breaking out of the clouds on short final on an ILS approach.


–              Private pilot certificate

–              100 hours of total time and 50 hours of cross country PIC

–              40 hours of instrument flight (simulated or actual)

–              Pass an FAA Knowledge test

–              Pass an FAA Practical test

To make sure that you have the proper aeronautical knowledge and are prepared for the written exam and practical test, we strongly recommend an online home study course, which allows you to study at your pace, anywhere, anytime.  This course is an outstanding supplement to the ground and flight instruction you will receive from your flight instructor.